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Jackson Chiropractic Reviews

Find out what new patients at Jackson Chiropractic are saying, then email us or call us today at (780) 988-5444!

Friendly Staff

Really like the friendly staff and Dr. Don was very professional and was able to relieve my neck discomfort efficiently. My whole family will continue to go here for all of our chiropractic needs.

Erica H.

Glad I Made The Move

Very glad I made the move from my previous chiropractor. In the 10 plus years I was seeing them I never had the procedures, tests or questions I got in the first 2 visits to Jackson Chiropractic. Was able to pinpoint specific areas of concern and start addressing them immediately.

Terry S.

Wonderful Service!

Great people and wonderful service!

Taylor S.

Feel 100% Better

I feel a hundred percent better. My knee does not hurt any more which makes working out so much easier. Thanks!

Wilf H.


The receptionist is amazing! Very warm, welcoming and friendly! The doctor is very thorough and made me feel very comfortable as it was my first chiropractor experience.

Zlata D.

Care And Compassion

Thank you so much for looking after me and my family. The care and compassion and professionalism you have demonstrated in these difficult times is next to none. See you soon.

Frank M.

Very Friendly

I was nervous to attend my first chiropractic appointment as I had never tried it before, and the staff at Jackson Chiropractic were very friendly and made me feel extremely comfortable. Now I look forward to my appointments, and have already recommended the practice to several friends.

Sara L.

Great First Experience!

Great first experience! Would recommend this practice to anyone.

Amanda D.

Feeling Good

It was a pleasure to meet you all and to feel as good as I did afterwards made my first visit well worth the trip. Thank you.

Orville S.


I’m happy that my husband recommended that I come in and see you. I’m already seeing a difference in my posture after only a few treatments.

Anjali A.

Excellent Experience

Excellent overall experience, staff is knowledge and very helpful!

Shannon A.

Best Chiropractor

Friendly staff and best chiropractor I have seen to date!

Craig F.

Great Friendly Staff

Great friendly staff, knowledgeable doctor. I liked my previous chiropractor. But they were always at least 30 minutes late sometimes longer. I’ve never had to wait at Jackson.

Terry S.


Put my nerves at ease. I was very hesitant about seeing a chiropractor, Dr. Jackson put my worries at ease. I have to say after the first visit I felt great.

Melanie W.

My Neck Is Feeling Much Better

My neck is feeling much better. Thank you!

Yvonne B.

Keep Doing What You Are Doing

Keep doing what you guys are doing, because I think you’re great. The overall experience for me has been tremendous. I really feel like you’re in it to help me. I feel listened to, cared about and attended to with the utmost attention and respect. I would have no issues recommending your practice to others.

Rick A.

Very Friendly Professional Service!

Very friendly and professional service! I view chiropractic care as part of my wellness strategy, and I’m very happy to have found Dr. Don Jackson to assist me with his chiropractic therapy and his health & wellness advice.

Brian R.

Helping Me To Get Better

Thanks to you, all, especially Dr. Jackson for helping me get better. My back is close to being 100%, and compared to where I was when I first sought care, I am grateful for all the work you have done to help me heal once and for all. Forever grateful, indeed.

Regards, R.N.

Helping My Back

After my last visit it took about 5 more days and I was up and running… my husband was back in hospital for a week and now has been back in twice again… once by ambulance… yesterday we spent the day in emergency to check that racing pulse again… today Gary is feeling better than he has for a couple of weeks… it felt good to be able to move around and help him without my back giving me problems… thank you…

Jean P.

Great Experience

Great experience. Would highly recommend you to others.

Angie D.

Staff Cares

I really liked the time that was spent with me as a patient. I felt the staff cared and were concerned.

Wendy M.

Thrilled With Progress

Shayna is as nice in person as on the phone. Dr. Don Jackson saw me on time (and each time since) and I can honestly say I am thrilled with my progress in the first 2 visits. I went because my hip, back and shoulder were hurting every day, he really focuses on the problems as well as checking overall alignment and already I am able to lift weights and do squats. I am very happy and would recommend Dr. Don Jackson!

Hazel R.

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